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The Compulsory Purchase Association


Welcome to the website of the Compulsory Purchase Association. Its Members comprise a diverse range of professionals who are involved in CPO work.  The CPA has over 600 members.

New members are always welcome from
surveyors, solicitors, barristers, planners, accountants and others associated with the delivery or management of compulsory purchase. Want to join, click here

The CPA was created to bring together and channel the wealth of expertise in the subject of Compulsory Purchase and Compensation, to promote this important area of work and to foster a basis for best practice. In doing so it not only provides a sounding board for change in this sphere but makes comment and provides recommendations relating to relevant Law Commission, government department and other Reports and existing /proposed Legislation. It also promotes training and networking to share experience and knowledge. It is a fully independent and self funded organisation.




Events Feed

CPA AGM - London - Monday 20th October 2014 - click here for more details

News Feed

  • AGM date set for Monday 20 October, in London at CBRE.  Click here for details

  • Nominations are now closed.  There are no contested places for the next committee, and so, no elections. The following will take up their posts in October -

Chairman – Meyric Lewis and Vice Chairman- Richard Guyatt
Committee Members - Rebecca Clutten, Gary Soloman, David Epstein, Henry Church, Colin Cottage.  They will serve for two years. The remainder of the committee are Keith Murray, Adrian Maher, Barry Denyer Green, Paul Astbury, and Phil Maude.

  • Government response to nationally Significant Infrastructure Planning regime.  Click here

  • Launch of planning practice guidance website. Click here
  • Redefining the Shape and Purpose of Town Centres report recommends use of CPO powers

  • HS 2 Bill announcement
  • Scottish CPA met with the Scottish Law Commission on Tuesday 5 Novemer 2013
  • Tony Johnson Memorial lecture (Script) 2013 – by Norman Rose click here
  • Compulsory Purchase and Compensation 10th Edition by Barry Denyer Green - For 20% discount click here
  • Peter McCrea is the new Surveyor Member of the Upper Tribunal, assigned to the Lands Chamber.
  • Research on use and success of CPO's - Report 1 and Report 2 from Bond Dickinson

Reforms and Consultations Feed

  • Home Loss Payments thresholds under the Land Compensation Act 1973 will be increased from 1 October 2014. Click here

  • The Welsh Development Agency Act 1975 (Amendment) (Wales) Order 2013, which amends paragraph 6 of  Schedule 4 of the Welsh Development Agency Act to clarify the Welsh Government’s title cleansing powers, was passed in Plenary earlier this week and became effective on 20th November 2013.

  • Review of Planning Practice Guidance Consultation - click here

  • Further CPO Transfer to NPCU - click here
  • Transfer of CPO Work - click here
  • PINS Advertise for Inspectors - click here
  • Review of the way that changes of use are handled in the Planning System - click here
  • Localism Act CPO Changes - click here
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