The Housing and Planning Act 2016

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The Housing and Planning Act 2016


The Housing and Planning Act 2016 (Commencement No.2,Transitional Provisions and Savings) Regulations 2016
The first part of the 2016 Act reforms are now to come in to force on 13 July.
The Commencement Regulations are SI 2016 No. 733 (C.53) and can be found at:
Regulation 3 brings into effect:
(h) sections 172 to 179 (right to enter and survey land) and Schedule 14;
(i) section 182 (time limits for notice to treat or general vesting declaration);
(j) section 190 and Schedule 16 (abolition of alternative possession procedure following notice to treat);
(k) section 201 (power to quash decision to confirm compulsory purchase order);
(l) section 202 (extension of compulsory purchase time limit during challenge);
(m) sections 203 to 206 (power to override easements and other rights) and Schedule 19 (amendments to do with sections 203 and 204).
Regulations 6 to 10 make saving and transitional provisions.

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