Upskilling: The Compulsory Purchase Professional Development Programme

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The Compulsory Purchase Professional Development Programme


Upskilling: The Compulsory Purchase Professional Development Programme

Welcome to the new initiative being offered by the CPA and CPT Events. The following information and tabs provide further insight into the programme.

The CPO upskilling programme will offer distance learning on the law and practice of CPOs for those with limited knowledge of, and involvement in, CPO work.
Entry routes to work in the compulsory purchase industry are not straightforward. Few universities offer any training for surveyors; undergraduate law degrees are similar, and for planners the first exposure is at Masters level. This, in part, has led to a shortage of skilled professionals and represents a barrier to entry.
The Compulsory Purchase Professional Development Programme is a comprehensive programme designed to upskill knowledge in CPO law and practice. Whilst some larger employers in the CPO world have introduced their own training programmes, this is not viable to most firms and no such training exists for solicitors, barristers, planners and land referencers. The programme will be valuable to all professionals who work in the CPO world, particularly surveyors and solicitors.
The CPA and CPT Events have created a series of 10 training modules, comprising lectures and group discussions, which, when combined, form a route to competency in CPO law and practice for practitioners and professional advisors. The programme can satisfy APC requirements for surveyors. Such sessions can also be undertaken by practitioners and advisors as individual units for CPD purposes.
Programme Benefits
Fast track the CPO awareness and skills of indiviudals enrolled on the course, giving them a substantial foundational knowledge of the CPO world in 7/8 months. This will add significant value to employers – resulting in  less supervision and internal training, the ability for individuals to work more independently and on higher value work from an earlier stage. The course will also give students an opportunity to build a network with likeminded individuals in the CPO world. The return on investment for employers is substantial and the investment will pay dividends to employees.
The mechanics of the programme:
  • 10 modules across 7/8 months – a total of 25 hours of lecturing and discussion content; roughly one session every 3 weeks; Mondays starting at 9am for 2.5hrs. Optional additional reading and informal assessments will be provided as part of each module. Sessions will be delivered virtually (bar the final session) and participants are urged to attend live and actively participate. Sessions will also be available OnDemand as work and other commitment do arise.
  • All sessions work towards a final round-up in-person workshop comprising case studies and group discussions, led by some of the tutors, and followed by a networking session. This workshop will give attendees the opportunity to demonstrate their learnt skills and further build relationships with their peers.
  • There is no formal assessment of what is learnt, in a similar way to the provision of CPD events. Candidates should be motivated towards self-learning. Employers and line managers will be the ultimate assessors of the new skills they have achieved. The true value is in acquiring the knowledge and understanding promptly, with candidates becoming more valuable and dependable to line managers. The reward will manifest in your career.

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